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Gulf Pack UAE

Gulf Pack UAE is manufacturer of aluminum Container & aluminum foils. Established in September 2017. policy is “Quality Without Compromise”. We have also started manufacturing of aluminum containers(8389, 8342,83185.and aluminum foils .Disposable aluminum foil containers can be used to store and serve food. Aluminum foil containers keep heat in, act as moisture and oxygen barriers, and can be recycled. Our food containers are made of heavy-duty aluminum for strength, ease of use, and reuse. Choose the size that fits your needs or order a range to match your growing cooking needs.

Serve your favorite dish, snap on the lid, and you can freeze it or take it with you to share with your friends and family. These containers are ideal for small meals, side dishes, pastries, and food service, and they work well for hot or cold food. We understand the customers’ requirements, as well as the regulatory requirements for each of the markets we serve. We also recognize that customer satisfaction is key for  success. One of our top priorities is to ensure that all of our employees understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure that our products adhere to our Customers’ quality requirements, and regulatory requirements. Quality deviations and non-compliance, either internal or external from our customers, are reviewed weekly .We always value long-term relationships with clients and especially our staff members.

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